Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about parking:

When is the car park open?
The car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How can I enter the car park?
The entrance to the car park is located from Głogowska 11 street (more or less at the height of the railway station).

How can I leave the car park?
The exit from the car park is located from Głogowska 11 street (more or less at the height of the railway station).

How to leave the car park?
Access for pedestrians from the car park is possible via two staircases.

What is the maximum height for a car entering the car park?
The car park is intended only for passenger vehicles whose height does not exceed 2 meters.

Can LPG-powered cars be used in the car park?
It is forbidden to park cars with LPG installation in the car park.

Where can I find information about parking fees?
The price list is located at the entrance to the car park and at the automatic cash registers in the stairwells on level -1. You can also check all prices here.

How do I pay for parking?
Payments should be made at the automatic cash registers in cash or with a payment card.

Where and when are the parking fees paid?
Before leaving the car park, you should bring your ticket to the automatic cash registers located in the car park, or in the event of a breakdown of the automatic cash register, press the intercom button and wait for further instructions. After paying the fee, the car park must be left within 15 minutes.

How do I get a receipt after paying?
You will receive a receipt only when paying at the automatic checkout. Please select the appropriate button when paying for the ticket. It is not possible to issue a receipt for the service once you leave the car park.

What if the parking ticket is lost?
If the Parking User loses a parking ticket for any reason, a parking fee is collected in the amount calculated for the entire period of parking, plus a fee of PLN 50.00. If the ticket is lost, there is a special button for connecting to the Parking Service (intercom) on the automatic cash register on the entry / exit columns, which should be pressed to obtain information about the next steps.

What are the prices of parking subscriptions?
Information about the price and types of subscriptions can be found in the Price List.

Can I get invoices for parking?
Invoice - a receipt with NIP number is received only during the payment at the automatic cash register. Select the appropriate button when paying for the ticket at the automatic ticket desk, a receipt with NIP (tax identification number), which allows you to enter the tax identification number (NIP) and the company name.

What should I do if money is stuck in the automatic checkout while paying?
Please inform about the situation via the intercom located at the automatic checkout.

Can disabled people park for free?
Special parking spaces are payable.

Is free parking possible?
Parking free of charge is not possible.

Is there a service in the car park?
In case of technical problems, please contact the service via intercom.Should you have any additional questions, please call us on 61 869 2000, or send an e-mail to: info

How can I make a complaint?

In order to file a complaint, please call the number 61 869 2000, or send an e-mail to the following address: info

Will there be toilets in the underground car park?

Will there be vehicle charging stations?

Will there be facilities for disabled people?
The car park is adapted, there will also be designated places for the disabled.

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