Car park PWK

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The largest underground car park in Poznań!

The construction of a multi-storey underground car park at the Poznań International Fair is the first step towards opening the fair to the city and creating
a cultural zone within its area.

The car park of the MTP Group is located
at 11 Głogowska Street.

The entrance to the car park is at the height of the railway station, in the place of the former
Adria restaurant.


Poznań Christmas Market

Park comfortably in the PWK Underground Parking. We invite you to the largest Christmas Market in Poznan! Among the smell...

Port Sołacz - a new place on the catering map of Poznań!

Renovation of the historic building in Park Sołacki is completed. On 6 May, Port Sołacz, a new restaurant with a summer terrace...

New image of the Poznań Congress Center

It reflects sunlight and moves when the wind blows. The kinetic façade on the front wall of the Poznań Congress Center is...

New underground parking on the map of Poznań!

Thus, it is the biggest project of this type in Poznan, which can be used not only by visitors of events happening at the...

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Grupa MTP.

Meta Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Poznań at the Poznań International Fair - PeWuKa Square!

The first event held on the square located above the new underground car park is going to take place in September. Participants...

Construction of the PeWuKa Parking lot is coming to an end!

Three levels, 18,000 square meters of space and 650 spaces for cars. The construction of the largest underground car park...


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We return to the game!

The government is lifting the restrictions and we are returning to the game. Prepared to resume the activity and ensure...

GARDENcity restaurants

Designer restaurants in the business center of Poznań

Inside the three-level complex there are spacious rooms, the character of which evolves with the vision and needs of guests: Saffron, Vanilla, Tabasco and Cinnamon. The meeting space is complemented by two restaurants: Basilico Bistro - offering express lunches and Oregano and Wine - a fine dining restaurant.



The largest underground car park in Poznań! It will accommodate 650 cars.